Benefits Of Buying The Tatra Overland Truck

Tatra Overland Truck

Did you know that the Tatra is a famous old truck manufacturing company based in the Czech Republic and founded in 1850?

There are many different types of trucks available on that is being manufactured by Tatra Company. According to model, no T815 is very famous, and it will provide many benefits to the owner. This truck was initially developed to suit off-road conditions, later due to demand, it was developed for both on-road and off-road usage. The Tatra truck was famous for driving extreme off-road situations and they are designed and developed by the original off-road concept. A well-built swinging half-axles provides the Tatra trucks extreme good driving facilities under the tough conditions. Some of the special features of the truck are listed here below for your guidance.

Cab Specifications

The cab has two air controlled seats with arms, and also it has two central seats which are just back side of the main seats. The cab is fully air conditioned and has automated locking system facilities. You can do small alterations in the dashboard as per your requirements.


The accommodation facilities are very good in the Tatra trucks. You can simply convert the double beds and bunk beds into multiple people sleeping setups. The storages units that are under bunk beds are very good. The accommodation area is having both heating and cooling facilities.


The truck has a very good bathroom with all the facilities like a good flush system, hand wash basin, and sufficient water pipes.


The kitchen area in the truck almost looks like your modular kitchen, and it has a refrigerator, microwave oven, washer dryer and coffee machine and all other items which are required for good kitchen. The storage facility in the kitchen is good. You can store all your cooking items in the kitchen without any space issues.

Water Requirements

Water is the main requirement for doing many activities while traveling. You can be able to store around 1000 liters of water for the purpose of drinking, cooking, and washing. There is a water purifier system as well for drinking purpose.

Waste Management

The truck has an excellent waste management system, and it is fully controlled by remote access. The wastes can be removed easily at a time when required by remote access. The waste tank can be cleaned with water by remote access.

Electrical System

The electrical system is a most important element in the truck. You cannot operate the truck without any issues if there are no proper electrical facilities. Please ensure that your truck has proper backup systems for electricity in case of any failure to one system you can switch on to the other one.


You should have proper entertainment units in your truck then only you can travel long distances without feeling any tiredness. It is good to have speaker systems connected in all the areas so that you can play some good music. The truck has many TV units in the accommodation area so that you can watch TV programs or movies on the go.

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