The Story Behind The Famous Yerba Mate!

How many of us have heard of the popular South American drink called Yerba Mate? Many people are only now hearing this name. Sites like are dedicated to increasing the popularity of this beverage, which is said to be a strong and worthy competitor to coffee. The queries related to its health benefits have been found, even in reliable medical websites like According to various experts, Yerba Mate has certain outstanding benefits, when compared to the regularly consumed beverages like Coffee and Tea. Regular consumers of this beverage have sworn by its ability to enhance energy levels and improve brain function.

What is Yerba Mate?
The Yerba Mate has a very important place in the traditions and cultures practiced in South America. This drink is created from the dried leaves of the Ilex Paraguariensis, an evergreen holly tree naturally cultivated in South American countries like Argentina and Uruguay. Local customs have given great importance to the consumption of this drink, especially at social gatherings and rituals.

The Origin In A Legend!
The locals have always maintained that Yerba Mate was, essentially, the Drink of the Gods. They believed that the beverage has its origins in one, or many, of the quintessential legends of South America.

One of the most popular origin stories doing the rounds is that of the Moon Goddess Yari, and how it was she who first created The Drink of Friendship. According to the legend passed through the countless generations of The Guaraní Tribe, of Paraguay, Yari was the Goddess of the Moon, and she was enamored by the sight of the green forests that covered the Earth. She then descended from her heavenly abode, along with Arai, the Cloud God. During the visit, they were saved from a vicious panther by an old man called Guarani. And, as a reward, she presented the man with a plant from which a drink that fosters friendship could be made!

Till date, that is exactly what the Yerba Mate has done: Strengthened community ties and friendship!

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